I Pray

Today as I walked, the lyrics to an old song from my childhood began humming through my head. I loved this song, and I sang it often. Without any effort the lyrics came back to me and settled in my heart.

It is still a good prayer for today.

I pray
that I may always find
the good that’s in each day –
a friend who has a kindly word
or a smile that comes my way.
I pray
that I may never lose 
the thrill of little things –
a star a million miles away
or a bird I see in spring.
I pray
that when each day is done
I’ll face the One above 
to pray
that He will show my heart
the way to greater love – 
a love that helps me understand
the wonders of each day,
a love that joins my hands to other hands.
For this I pray.

–I could not find the author of the lyrics. If you know who composed this prayer, please drop the name in the comments. I would love to give credit for these beautiful words.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Photo – Sunny Beach Day, Beth Mims


4 comments on “I Pray”
  1. pastorpete51 says:

    Nice lyrics but I can’t find it either. Maybe you can ask anyone else who sang this with you about a title or author to narrow your search?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. gracespeaker says:

      I have some old song books that I am looking through, but so far no luck. I hope it wasn’t in one that I gave away. I’m amazed that I remembered the words so easily. They were just right for the day.


      1. pastorpete51 says:

        Maybe an old Ralph Carmichael or Eugene Peterson song?

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      2. gracespeaker says:

        It was in a book of Sacred Songs. Also contained “I Believe”.


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