Crown of Thorns

My beautiful Crown of Thorns plant has seen better days. Suffering has been its lot this winter.

While it normally sails through the seasons covered with rich green leaves and red flowers, one frigid cold snap in December zapped it this year. Most of its leaves browned and fell off leaving its thorny stem in full view. Its blooms, however, are still lovely.

One of the reasons I love this plant is its ability to bloom and flourish all year long. It blooms when it is hot. It blooms when it is dry. It blooms in the fall, winter, spring, and summer. While others do not always understand my delight, its steadfastness makes it one of my favorite plants.

Now, however, it has endured a period of great suffering that has destroyed many of its leaves and exposed the unattractive source of its name. You can see from the picture that it looks like a plucked chicken.

Slowly the leaves are returning, and I still love this plant. I believe it has a lesson for me.

Suffering is a part of life. Jesus told me I would experience suffering (John 16:33), and throughout scripture I see the testimonies of God followers who endured great trials. While joy is a fruit of the Holy Spirit in my life, on more than one occasion I see the word joy connected to the words trial and tribulation (James 1:2).

The question becomes, “What message can be seen in my life when I am suffering?”

My Crown of Thorns keeps on blooming – even minus most of its leaves.

Do I?

Do I allow God to work in my heart allowing His beauty to shine through even when I am experiencing personal trial? Do I continue to bless others? Do I continue to grow?

When the inner part of me is exposed in the light of hard times, do others see a sturdy stalk deeply rooted in the love of God?

The Crown of Thorns plant is so named because of its thorny stem, and its name references the crown of thorns that Jesus wore on the cross. He wore that crown of thorns for me, and now I am reminded by the plant He created that life will be thorny at times.

I can choose to despair when I see the thorns, or I can steadfastly depend on Him and continue to flourish, grounded firmly in His Word.

I Peter 5:10 But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you.


2 comments on “Crown of Thorns”
  1. pastorpete51 says:

    Beautiful illustration. I have never seen one of these. I love that it blooms through every season.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. gracespeaker says:

      I know. I was amazed as I watched it through its first year. I kept expecting the blooms to stop for a season. It remained faithful through it all though.


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