Prayer Chain

We take prayer requests and keep prayer lists, and this is good. Our finite minds struggle to remember all the needs that are brought before us.

It is also good to remember, though, that the holy Spirit of God connects believers in a constant universal prayer chain.

Throughout each day names and faces pop up in my mind, sometimes of people that I have not seen in years. Often, at night, I awake with a person on my heart. I believe that these thoughts are promptings from the Holy Spirit to pray.

I may or may not know the need, but God is calling me to lift the person up to Him.

Just recently, an old friend kept coming to mind. I tried to call, but for some reason the calls would not go through. It seemed that every day thoughts of this person would buzz like a busy mosquito through my brain. I had no knowledge of a problem, and I had not seen her name on a prayer list.  I did know, however, that God was speaking to me about this friend.

Finally, we caught up with each other. I found that she had been through multiple medical procedures and illnesses. God had sustained her through the difficulties, and He had allowed me to support her with prayer.

We can easily ignore the promptings of the Holy Spirit in our lives but listening and obeying brings fellowship and joy.

Who is on your heart today?

Photo – Evening, Beth Mims


4 comments on “Prayer Chain”
  1. Karla Nelson says:

    Please add my Dad to your prayer list. He tore a tendon in his knee on Nov. 16th. Yesterday he had his 3rd surgery and was admitted to CRMC. There is infection and his knee is not healing.

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  2. Excellent reminder that we need to be aware and open to the Spirit’s voice and stop and take time when He brings someone to our mind. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. gracespeaker says:

      Thank you for stopping by to read.


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