On Father’s Day

I remember sitting in my dorm room on Father’s Day two years after my dad’s death. Aloneness filled my heart, and I grieved.

I thought how blessed I was to have a good dad – a dad who showed his love by showing up for his family every day. A dad who lived his faith in how he reacted to situations and treated other people. He gave testimony through his faithful life.

As I sat in that quiet room thinking about my earthly dad, I was embraced by my Father. With gentle certainty He assured me that even though He had called my dad home, He would care for me.

He has been faithful as He promised.

So, this Father’s Day, I am doubly thankful. Thankful for my earthly dad who held my hand for nineteen years and so very grateful for my heavenly Father Who will hold me for eternity.

No shoulder is so broad as Yours, Father –
Supporting when I am tired;
comforting when I am lonely.
No arm is so long as Yours –
reaching out when I wander;
steadying my faltering way.
No hand is so strong as Yours –
lifting me up when I fall;
giving me courage to try again.
Father, I lean on You.

Matthew 18:14 Even so it is not the will of your Father which is in heaven, that one of these little ones should perish.

Photo – St. Marks Lighthouse, Eddy Mims

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