Caught in the Doldrums

In the years before engines powered great sailing vessels, a ship crossing the Equator could drift for days waiting to catch a fresh breeze that would move it forward.  The ship and all those on it were caught in the Doldrums, a hot, miserable place that sapped energy and derailed hope.  The experience was so profound that it became descriptive of the times in life where we seem to drift, lacking purpose and direction, plodding though each day, waiting for some change or movement that can propel us forward.  These are difficult times that drain our energy and sidetrack our joy, days of soul-numbing weariness.

 Psalm 23 is the fresh breeze that God gives to catch our sails and escort us out of the doldrums of life. 

  • Here we find relationship to combat loneliness – He is my Shepherd.
  • There is physical provision and refreshment – He makes me lie down in green pastures.
  • We find peace as He leads us beside the still waters.
  • Hope and purpose are renewed, because He restores the soul.

 Times of difficulty and heartache are certainties in this life.  It is only as we live in the presence of the Shepherd that we can avoid being pushed by troubles into the doldrums.


The RAFT of deliverance from the doldrums of life:

  •  Recognize who He is and my relationship to Him;
  • Accept His physical, emotional, and spiritual provision;
  • Follow His direction;
  • Trust His heart.


I hurry and worry –
          God makes me lie down.
          He leads me by still waters.
I burn out –
          He restores my soul.
I struggle with decisions –
          He leads me on the righteous path.
I feel alone –
          He is with me.
I am stressed –
          His gentle correction comforts me.
I deal with people who hurt –
          He sets a table to meet my needs and sustain me in their presence.
I am dry –
          He anoints my head with oil and makes my cup run over.
Absolutely, truly, positively His goodness and mercy go with me every day of my life, and my future is secure in Him.
He is my Shepherd – I have everything I need.

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