If there is mercy, and there is;
It exists because God is good.
It lives in His loving kindness, and
Tenderly reaches with His care.

If there is cleansing, and there is;
It is because He is pure.
It was purchased through His perfect sacrifice, 
Thorough and complete.

If there is truth, and there is;
It lives in His omniscience.
It bears witness of His holiness,
Breaking through the darkness of unbelief.

If there is joy, and there is;
It abides in His presence.
It rides above and beyond and through circumstances
Filling and healing broken hearts.

If there is a message, and there is;
It proclaims God’s honor.
It sings out His praise, shouts out His righteousness,
And calls us up into His arms.

There is, because God is.

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