Just Thinking…

  • God is enough.


  • God doesn’t need me; He wants me.  Therein lies the motivation for the cross.


  • If I really want to follow God, the equipment for the task is found in His Word.


  • It really doesn’t matter what this world does or what it proclaims.  God has established His word, and it will endure.


  • Sometimes we are so caught up in what we are doing that we forget why we are doing it, resulting in perfunctory obedience to duty or creed and annihilating the passion that drove to begin the task.


  • When God’s people focus on Him rather than on personal preferences and difference, the sweet blessings of unity become reality.  Psalm 133


  • I am glad that God knows me, because sometimes I don’t feel like I know myself.


  • It is interesting that when I need help, I immediately call for God’s faithfulness.  I wonder if He can depend on my faithfulness to Him?


  • When we begin destroying our children, we have fallen to the bottom of the pit of debauchery.  We are there.


  • Writers don’t have it all figured out.  The are wonderers and musers.  They think and they write to clarify that thinking.  They struggle with transparency and truth, and in that struggle they sometimes unearth nuggets to share with the hurting, and the doubters, and the fellow strugglers on this journey of faith.


  • How can we understand someone’s heart?  Listen.  What is in the heart eventually overflows from the mouth.


  • There is certainty in God’s Word.

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