I John 3


I am overwhelmed by the darkness in this world.  How do You, in Your perfectness, stand it?  How do You maintain grace in the face of the accusations constantly hurled at the heart of Who You are?

I know that You are truth, and falsehood cannot overcome You.  You are the light that shines through darkness, one heart at a time.  You are grace, freely given, to anyone who will receive.  You are love in the face of hatred, seeing past the wretchedness to the child You long to save.

Father God, You see eternity, but I live in the depth of this moment, struggling to look past the drowning waves and see You.  I am the child focused on my time, my place, my will.

Open my eyes, Lord. Let me see You working in the hand of a caregiver or the smile of a stranger, or the laughter of a baby.  Stretch my heart to love my Judea, and Samaria, and the uttermost parts of the Earth.

Strength and wisdom and joy are only in You.  Shine Your spotlight on my heart, and clean out the debris that blocks the flow of Your Spirit.  Clear my vision to see through the pervasive darkness propagated by the enemy to the pure light of Your truth and glory.

Your Son did not die in vain.  Your purpose will be fulfilled. Truth will win, and Your light will overcome the darkness.

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