Seasons of Grace

We all go through seasons in life.  I’m not referring to fall, winter, spring, and summer, although we go through those, too.  I’m talking about events and periods that shape who we are and what we do.

In my own life I can list a lot of seasons, including the renovation season when we lived in a kitchen without a counter top for weeks, the shed season during which every moment seemed to be devoted to building a storage building worthy of Southern Living, and the ear infection season when we alternated children and ears suffering with pain and swelling.   We lived through the seasons of growing children and busy schedules, the days of new homes and car repairs.  Life brought us the season of caring for a failing parent, with all the challenges and opportunities that caregiving provides, and the seasons of sorrow when loved ones were called home.  All seasons of life.

Not all seasons are equal, and not all seasons seem to be good.  Some we would wish to avoid altogether.  When we trust the God of love, however, we know that He uses each season to build us and shape us into who and what we become.

It doesn’t matter what season you are experiencing right now.  You could be in the growth of spring, the work of summer, the reflection of fall, or the endurance of winter.  Wherever you are and whatever is happening, God has lessons for you, a plan to mature you, and the grace to carry you safely through to the other side.

Philippians 1:6 – Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:


One comment on “Seasons of Grace”
  1. Alyssa Higgins says:

    Beth, thank you for sharing your thoughts so eloquently with the world! I just got a chance to click on the link to your blog and the very first post I read, this one, has moved me to tears. Not ugly cry tears, but warm tears of recognition and understanding of your words. My season is shifting and it is exhilarating and nerve wracking all at once. Your words were meant for me today. Thank you.

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