Grace Living

Unmerited favor.

Wrapped in love, grace stands as the most powerful condition for happiness and life.  It breeds hope and second chances.  Grace lives through Jesus Christ as our connection to God and eternal life.

Just as grace connects us to God, it connects us to other people.  Think of the varying forms of the word—gracious, graciousness, graciously.  Grace is the softness of life, the refreshing rain that washes and cleanses. It buffs the rough edges and charms the wild. There is no aspect of life that cannot be touched and bettered by grace.

Grace carries forgiveness.

Grace lives in gratitude.

Grace grants pardon, approval, and favor.

Grace gives strength to take the next step, carry the burden, love one more time.

Grace stands in the face of hatred and hurt, and grace survives.

Grace is a gift that has its beginning and ending in God. We cannot earn it, so God offers it freely through His Son.

Only through Him can we offer this gift to others.

Grace living is a journey of grace.


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